Tackling Floating point differences caused by CUDA tool kits


The floating point computation results generated in CUDA tool kit 8.0 and CUDA tool kit 10.2.89 with compute capability 61 are different.

There is a minor deviation in the floating point results which creates considerable difference when processing further with those float values.

I did not notice such deviation in floating point results when generated with CUDA tool kit 8.0 and CUDA tool kit 9.2.

Only with CUDA 10.2.89 I see the deviation.

Why there is a deviation in floating point result from CUDA 8.0 and CUDA 10.2.89 environment when executed with same Compute Capability 61.

The release note provided by NVIDIA does not contain detail’s related to floating point differences caused by different CUDA tool kits.

Is there any other documentation/information provided by NVIDIA related to this issue.

How to tackle this issue ?


I am using Quadro P5000 card with Compute 61 in CUDA 8.0, CUDA 9.2 and CUDA 10.2.89 environment.

Hi @RamprasadMohan
Please note this forum branch is dedicated to CUDA GDB support. If your question is related to CUDA GDB (compute debugger), please provide more details (e.g. are the floating point computational results affected by CUDA GDB).

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