Tao auto_label output


I’m looking for output labeled data from the tao auto-label tool:

I’m running tao5.0

tao dataset auto_label generate --gpus 1 -e /workspace/mal/mal-label-spec.yaml -r /workspace/mal/front-100-results

Execution status: PASS

cat front-100-results/status.json
{“date”: “10/1/2023”, “time”: “22:16:21”, “status”: “SUCCESS”, “verbosity”: “INFO”, “message”: “Auto-label finished successfully.”}

My expectation is that there should be output files containing labels, but I do not have any output of the labeled files.

The data source contains the correct COCO format annotations file and this works with other data (i.e. the format of the annotations is correct).

I’m new to this tool. You’re help is appreciated. Thank you.

Please try to set below and rerun.

  load_mask: true

Thank you so much. That along with a correction to my annotations file did the trick.

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