Tao Toolkit API cannot login and got 401 unauthorized

Hello. I’ve updated the latest ngc api key and input in in the variable named ngc_api_key

However. I got 401 unauthorized error as the picture below when I tried logining.

How should I do to deal with the problem ?

It is a known issue since last week.
Please use below workaround.

  1. $ kubectl edit services tao-toolkit-api-service
    (1 line added, and 1 line changed):

- name: api
nodePort: 31951
port: 8000
protocol: TCP
targetPort: 8000

type: NodePort

As seen as below,

  1. Then double check with $ kubectl get services

  2. Please note that, login API will still return {} an empty dict. That is expected.
    In the notebook, instead of calling the login API, you can just do :

import uuid
user_id = str(uuid.uuid4())
token = “whatever”

Also change the port of the host_url

Reference for this step.

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It works ! Thank you very much @Morganh

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