TAO Toolkit API Docs?

I am trying to access the documentation for TAO Toolkit 4.0 API and am met with a “Page Not Found Error”.


Where else can I view this documentation?

May I know where did you find the link?


In Docs Hub from the above link.

Any update on this?

Thank you.

+1 It is very hard to attempt to use this deployment when there are no docs available for using the API itself.

Hi everyone,

I have the team looking at this now. Hopefully it gets resolved shortly.

Thanks for your patience,

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Thank you Tom

FYI for anyone else who ends up here with the same issue… it looks like the docs now work.

Yes, the URLs for the TAO API docs have been fixed. See https://docs.nvidia.com/tao/tao-toolkit/text/tao_toolkit_api/api_reference.html (you may need to clear your cache for the updated hyperlinks to work)

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