Target crashes while running Nsight

nsight can’t profile with BSP 5.2.12_std version.

Experiment is performed in below steps:

1.) Connect Target HW (ACU) with host PC via Ethernet and establish communication, make sure ACU is pinging.
2.) slay all the apps on target HW and launch DreamDrive app with Nsight.
==> nsys profile “APPNAME”

After performing step 2, SSH connection gets disable and slogger and minicom produce almost similar output with crash indication.

The crashes are shown in following bug and it has been discussed in details too.


What is causing Nsight Crash is the question we are trying to answer.

Please let me know if you would like me to provide more detail .


slogger2_when_running_nsys_from_cmd_with_setting_up_TMPDIR.txt (5.4 KB)

One of the logs with indicated crash is attached.

@eaverin with Andrey out of the office can you look at this or refer it to another engineer? Thanks!