Tegra-xusb 3610000.xhci: ERROR unknown event type 37

Hi, I have run three USB cameras, but this information will be printed all the time, I can’t find what it means, what is the effect of this?
Using jetson xarvier nx development kit, jetpack5.1.1

Please try the other USB camera and see if the issue is specific to using the camera. And please share which Jetpack release you are using.

The same goes for other USB cameras, which happens when I use more than two USB cameras. Jetpack is 5.1.1

For information, do you use Xavier NX developer kit or your own custom board?

Xavier NX developer kit

Xavier NX developer kit,How do I deal with this?

Do you use USB3 cameras? If you use USB2 cameras, the total bandwidth is 480Mbps and may be insufficient for 3 cameras.

Yes, I used three USB3.0 cameras

Do you see the prints if one or two cameras are connected? If it only happens when three cameras are connected, it may be because power supply is insufficient. The total current is 2A for all USB ports on developer kit.

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