Tegrastats output data

I have managed to output the tegrastats logfile to a text document, but is there a way to output this along with timestamps? It would be great if I could match up the temperature/clock speeds/memory to the time and plot a graph or something with this information!

Thanks in advance!

hello ngsteven97,

you may use date to show the current time, and enable the --interval options to configure the output time.

Usage: tegrastats [-option]
    --interval <millisec>   : sample the information in <milliseconds>

you may refer to this system monitoring utility, GitHub - rbonghi/jetson_stats: 📊 Simple package for monitoring and control your NVIDIA Jetson [Xavier NX, Nano, AGX Xavier, TX1, TX2],
that runs on the terminal and see and control realtime the status of your NVIDIA Jetson.

Hey Jerry,

Thanks for the reply!

We are using the Jetson Xavier NX to deploy an AI for testing in an isolated environment for a long period of time (battery powered) an was going to use tegrastats to output the information simply by taking note of the time that the AI initially started, and also output tegrastats at a specific time interval (so like once every minute or so) and then just line it up in a spreadsheet for postprocessing.

You say to use the date command, I assume you mean just typing date in the terminal window before using the tegrastats --interval --logfile command so that you capture the time and date before starting the software, and then just line it up with the interval time from then on? I assume since there aren’t any additional arguments for the tegrastats function that we cannot add the time directly into the tegrastats logfile?

that’s correct.
there’s no additional arguments for the tegrastats utility to add the timestamp directly.