TensorFlow JupyterLab Hello AI world

Hi everyone, I am a complete beginner with the Jetson Nano.

I am trying to get started using the free beginner course located here.
Here is my issue.

Can I start / do this tutorial on Tensorflow? It says that it uses Pytorch. At the moment, I am trying to install TF on my Nano, instead of Pytorch. I would like to stay away from Pytorch and focus on TF.

  1. I am not running a “headless” configuration.
  2. I am running a wireless connection w/ my nano. And running HDMI, Keyboard, and Mouse peripherals.
  3. I cannot connect to in this mode.
  4. How would I setup Jupyter Lab so that I am using TensorFlow ? and not Pytorch for this tutorial?

This is the course instructions.

Also, I have a camera installed.


The tutorial is based on pyTorch.
It’s recommended to use pyTorch for a beginner.

You can install pyTorch with the instructions shared in this topic: