Get Started with Ai with Jetson nano, access to jupyter library

I recently purchase a jetson nano developer kit (4gb). I also installed waveshare wifi chip, so i have access to the network from jetson itself. now i want to start with this course, and it asked to do on “headless device mode”. i am asking if i don’t want to use this mode and run and experience the course directly from my jetson nano. what should i do, how can i setup the environment and access to class jupyter lab?


Where did you met the asked for the "headless device mode”?

You may be able to leave a display attached to your Nano 4GB, however for the smoothest experience during the ‘Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano’ course, you should browse JupyterLab from a PC. The web browser on the Jetson may run slowly when it is both interacting with the Jupyter instance and running the server in the background (including training, camera processing, ect).