Jetson Nano JupyterLab (Headless Mode)


I am trying to get started with Jetson Nano using the “Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano” course (
I have all the necessary hardware and I have installed the 7GB (compressed) image as mentioned in the course link.
When I boot it and connect to a Mac computer, then go to I can successfully launch JupyterLab and work with it. However, when I disconnect Nano from my Mac and attach a screen via HDMI instead (non-headless mode) and log in, I can’t seem to find any trace of python, jupyter or jupyterlab in the system.

Maybe it is a stupid question to ask, but where are all those files (and python libraries…) that I can see in JupyterLab in the headless mode located?

I would appreciate any help on this question, because I am very confused about how the different modes of booting and working with Jetson Nano (with the same image!) are related to each other.
(It is apparently possible to also install “screen” to connect to JetsonNano by SSH)