Jetson Nano Headless setup not working

Hello Team,

I have flashed the image successfully.

When I connect monitor via HDMI the board boots up and shows Ubuntu desktop.

But when I want to work with headless setup as per the description and returns “Site cannot be reached”

My host PC is windows-7, when I checked in device manager, I could see CDN NCM and CDN Serial drivers are not installed.

Where can I download the drivers. Is it only the driver problem?


If you could not ping, then you need to check the drivers.

Or you could also use the ethernet directly.

Even with Ethernet cable plugged in I could not establish connection with Jupyter notebook.

FYI : I have flashed image from the below link

Is your ethernet cable plugged into a switch/router with a functional DHCP server (not directly into your desktop) and are you certain you are using the correct IP address for the eth0 interface, because it won’t be the same as

You can find out the IP address assigned to eth0 by running the “ip address” command on the nano at a terminal. Once you know the IP address of eth0, you shoul be able to conenct to http://ip_address:8888/ provided jupyter is running on your image.