TensorRT 6 in Jetpack?


When can we expect TensorRT 6 to hit the Jetpack?

Specifically, I am looking to be able to run ONNX files built using opset 10 on the Jetson Nano.

If there is a current workaround to achieve this, I’d love to know!


I am also looking for this, any update ?

+1. Also interested in this.

^ I am also wondering about this.

same here, looking forward to it

+1. Also interested in this.


JetPack 4.3 Developer Preview, which is packaged with TRT6 is available as a beta. https://developer.nvidia.com/jetpack-4_3_DP

Stay tuned for official production release of Jetpack 4.3.

I tried that developer preview version on my nano but unfortunately it’s not support for nano now. :(

Same, I need this for the TX2/nano.

+1. Also interested in this.

Any support of TensorRT6/7 for tx2/nano?

For tx2 give a try to