Latest TensorRT release

Currently the Nvidia blog mentions features of TensorRT 9.2 and the TensorRT OSS goes up to version 9.3, but the download page has only versions up to 8.6.
Are new versions being released from another page or is 9.2 not released yet?


We are also wondering about this as we had ran into a performance regression with 8.6.1 That should’ve been fixed from 9.0, but no general downloads are available


TensorRT 9.x releases were special releases for bringing up TensorRT-LLM. As of March 26th TensorRT 10.0 EA is now available in all the usual places.

Hi there,

Is there any formal release date for 10.0.0?
Additionally, what is the plans for tensorRT 10.0.0 on Jetpack 6 and by extension Jetpack 6 is still in developer preview is there a release date for that as well?


I don’t know the release date for JetPack 6 GA, so I can’t comment on that. I believe it might be soon. TensorRT 10.0 GA is expected this week and JetPack 6 builds will also be available this release.