TensorRT 4.0 on TX2?

Is it possible to upgrade to TensorRT 4.0 on the TX2 platform? If not, when would it be supported?

It appears that Nvidia has switched all documentation and downloads to TensorRT 4.0 RC. At this point I’m not sure if I can use the TensorRT 4.0 documentation to develop solutions for the TX2, which appears to support TensorRT 3.x.

Tensorflow 4.0 RC and TensorRT 4.0 and TensorFlow 4.0 names in your message should be read as TensorRT 4.

Because TensorFlow [by google] has different version naming.

You may either use the generic Tensorflow [by google] or TensorRT [by nvidia] for development. Doubtless while the former is more generic, the latter is more Jetson optimized.

Thanks. I was referring specifically to TensorRT 4.0. Updated my question.

The TensorRT packages provided through the TensorRT webpage are only for x86_64 architecture. TensorRT for Jetson/arm64 is provided through JetPack. It will be until a future version of JetPack is released that TensorRT 4.0 is supported/available for Jetson.

Is there any release date for TensorRT 4 for arm64/JetPack? Within the next month, next three month or next six months? Thanks.

It’ll be this summer, can’t state the exact timeframe at this time.

Could you please provide the arm64 .deb file from jetpack for tensorRT 4.0?