Higher version of TensorRT on Jetson TX2

Is it possible to flash the Jetson with a higher version of TensorRT (Like a more recent version). I would just like to know if there is any way to get a .deb file of TensorRT 8.4.1 and then to flash the Jetson TX2 with that and that it works.
Edit: I understand that it’s possible to get a .deb file of the TensorRT GA, but when I flash the Jetson TX2, will it work? And if not, how can I get a more recent version of it working?

Also with that question, to save the time of opening up a new topic- Is it possible to run TensorRT on a vm with no GPU? I’m on an old laptop that to my knowledge has no GPU? Is it possible to use TensorRT?

Hi @frankvanpaassen3, it’s not supported to upgrade the version of TensorRT independent of the JetPack installation, as it has underlying dependencies in JetPack.

TensorRT requires an NVIDIA GPU to run.

Ok thank you. Because in another post I made in the github forums, they told me I would need to find out a way to get TensorRT 8.4.1 working on the Jetson TX2 and that I should flash it with that file… so is it possible to get TensorRT ==8.4.1 working easily on the Jetson TX2 @dusty_nv?

Unfortunately not - as per the Jetson Software Roadmap, JetPack 4.6 is the last major release for TX1/TX2/Nano, and that comes with TensorRT 8.2.1.

What should i do then @dusty_nv because it’s becoming apparent that I am going to need TensorRT>=8.4.1?

If you absolutely require newer TensorRT, I don’t really have a suggestion other than upgrade to a Xavier or Orin device which supports JetPack 5.x, or find another workaround to the issue you are encountering with the current version of TensorRT on your TX2.

Ok thanks for letting me know.

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