TensorRT 8.2 and Framework Integrations are out now!

The latest release of TensorRT, 8.2 GA, and TensorRT Integrations for PyTorch and TensorFlow, is now available for download.

Highlight includes:

  • TensorRT 8.2
    • Optimizations for T5 and GPT-2 deliver real time translation and summarization with 21x faster performance vs CPUs
    • Simple Python API for developers using Windows
  • Framework Integrations: Torch-TensorRT and TensorFlow-TensorRT (TF-TRT) speed up inference up to 6x with one line of code

Learn more about the announcement here.

Watch these Webinar from GTC November 2021 to get yourself familiar with the latest updates:


TensorRT Team

Anything exciting in the roadmap for TensorRT? Rust/Go bindings perhaps?

Can you share a little more information about how you would want to use such bindings , I am not familiar with them, so was not sure how to articulate the ask.
Thanks so much.