TensorRT INT8 engine calibration cache


To generate int8.engine, I’m calibrating .onnx file. After calibration process, calibration cache is generated where I can see dynamic range(?) for each layer. But it is hexadecimal(?). I’d like to know decimal number.

values in cahe file I got are, below
input_0: 3c99d942
17: 3d654c77
18: 3d8b3dd1
19: 3d8b3dd1
20: 3d8b3dd1
output_0: 3e3977b6

But, I’d like to know decimal numbers which are something like below style
input_0: 1.00
17: 8.69
18: 8.69
19: 8.69
20: 12.8
output_0: 0.03

How can I convert numbers ?
3d8b3dd1 => 1032535505 => ??

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Hi, Please refer to the below links to perform inference in INT8


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