Tensorrt PlaneFile error


I am using plan file generated by 2080ti in 2080 card, error rasied : The engine plan file is generated on an incompatible device, expecting compute 1.0got compute 7.5, please rebuild.

I am curious about "expecting compute 1.0".

My working around is as follow:

ubuntu 14.04
CUDA 10.0

Any help is appreciated.



A TensorRT PLAN differs from the other supported model formats because it is GPU-specific. A generated TensorRT PLAN is valid for a specific GPU — more precisely, a specific CUDA Compute Capability. For example, if you generate a PLAN for an NVIDIA P4 (compute capability 6.1) you can’t use that PLAN on an NVIDIA Tesla V100 (compute capability 7.0).

Recommend double-checking how your engine file is generated on a 7.5 compatible device.

If issue persists, please share the plan file with us.