TensorRt Profiling Flags alternatives in Driveworks

I am looking to do profiling using Nsight in Driveworks. I see from nvidia docs the following :

1.4. Built-In TensorRT Profiling

To dig deeper into the performance of inference, it requires more fine-grained timing measurements within the optimized network. The IExecutionContext interface class provides a method called setProfiler that allows you to write a custom class implementing the IProfiler interface.

I want to replicate something similar in Driveworks. So are there any alternatives to IExecutionContext/setProfiler in Driveworks which can help me in profiling?

Dear @shashankg,
May I know if you want to profile the DL layers? If so, please use trtexec tool. The tensorRT_Optmization tool does not have API to dig into any DL layer profiling. Noe thatxtensorRT_Optmization tool is wrapper around TRT APIs.

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