Tesla K40c AND Geforce card in same system


Is it possible to have both a Tesla, specifically K40c, and a Geforce 10-series in the same Ubuntu Linux system? I am about to purchase a second Geforce card in addition to the Tesla and would like to make sure this setup will work.


Yes, both gpus are supported by the same driver. You’ll just have to point X to right gpu to use for graphics using the BusID option in xorg.conf.

Thank you. I had initially attempted to configure an older 560Ti along with the K40c but didn’t have much luck. But the driver should be the same for a 560 so I believe this card would work as well. I haven’t messed with xorg.conf in many years…looks like I’ll have to brush up on that!

The gtx560 is a Fermi device, that’s only supported up until driver version 390. So you can’t use the latest driver for that.

Thank you. I will go ahead and grab a 1050. No wonder I was having issues.