Tesla M6 MatLab

I cannot seem to get MatLab to detect a Tesla M6 GPU. I have tried everything I can find but been unable to get it working. Running ESXi 6.0, Nvidia SMI shows as it should and the GPU is available in the device manager. Any tips?

Is that M6 in a GRID setup? If so, which profile are you using on it?

Yes, grid_m6-1a

compute functionality on GRID currently is only supported on certain profiles (the largest ones).

Referring to section 1.5 and table 5 here:

The only profile that will support compute on M6 would be M6-8A or M6-8Q

When I try and use M6-8A I get an error there is not enough resources. I only have 1 other VM with a GPU attached using the M6-1A profile.

M6-8A takes up the whole M6. You can’t use that with another M6-1A profile. You’re also not supposed to mix profiles on a single GPU.