Test bed for nvdecode & nvencode

We are trying to set up a POC for video decoding and encoding using the Nvidia cores. We downloaded the sample code, NvCodec from Github and have compiled this into 64 bit before copying it to our test server.

We have run the AppDec code sending it an .mp4 file, and it creates a file. The file created is significantly larger, as expected, but how can we test/check this unencoded file? Should it open in vlc for example?

We then run this file through the AppEncCuda code to create another file, but when we try loading this in to VLC we get an invalid media error. We tested giving the output file a .mp4 extension, but it doesn’t open in vlc whereas the original .mp4 file plays fine.

Do you know what sort of media file these apps accept as input and generate as output?

Alternatively are there any other sample application which we could use for this simple POC? Or an alternative sample video file to get up and running.

Usually FFMPEG is recommended. It isn’t a code provided or maintained by NVIDIA however.


Thanks Robert, our first step was to utilise FFMPEG and this worked. What we wanted to prove was that we could use the NVIDIA GPU to parallel process multiple files simultaneously and looking around it seemed that nvdecode and nvencode was the way forward.