include NVdecode into FFmpeg

Can anyone tell me or point me to a guide on how to implement NVdecode into ffmpeg ?

nvdecode? not work VDPAU for you?

EDIT: oh, i now understand what you mean

try ffmpeg from git

ffmpeg from a git has NVdecode in it ?

I was just hoping that the NVdecode would do better then VDPAU on Linux.

NVdecode has more complete codec support than vdpau (vp8/9, 10bit) so that’s a fair reason to want to use it, given the lack of movement on the vdpau side, which I don’t expect to change.

However, although ffmpeg has support (at least for 8bit decoding), using NVdecode from a media playback perspective (as opposed to transcoding) requires explicit support in the media player, just like vdpau does, and nobody has attempted to add that support to any media player.

It could be done, of course, but it’s not trivial work.

I’ve add nvdecode support to mpv so if that’s your media player of choice, you can now use it.

NvDecode in MPV sounds very good.

Do you see performance advantage against VDPAU ?

Can you explain how you managed to do that ?

There’s no performance difference when compared to vdpau using OpenGL output in mpv.

If you’re very cpu sensitive, then vdpau is better because you can use vdpau for presentation as well as decode and your cpu usage will be lower in that case.

As for how: