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The sleep tonight how those elevated cortical levels number three recovery time when you sleep your body is in recovery time it is repairing bone tissue is repairing muscle tissue it isrepairing joint is repaying your ligament it is growing muscle you are losing fat so you need to read Harbor in this happens again when you sleep any always seems like a specifically that deep sleep cycle so you want to make sure that you’re getting your body enough time to recover Russia gonna be lacking at work lacking in your workouts you can be really tired stressed out and cranky bill before metabolism regulation getting six to eight hours sleep on the regular really helps your body regulates metabolism lack of sleep on a continual basis will affect your body’s metabolism in the way it regulates in stores carbohydrates we’ve got to sleep cycles in REM sleep in your REM sleep when you’re not already asleep so alight sleeper example your body’s brain temperature cools down your metabolism slows down in order to Original Garcinia Cambogia repair from today’s wakefulness sleep deprivation will not only met with your metabolism it also is true with your eating habits studies show that people subjected to lessen six to eight hours sleep on a regular basis crave carbohydrates a lot more the normal person getting six to eight hours sleep the carbohydrates their craving generally high in sugar high in sodium and not the type that who’s been really want number five is your daily production think about assess yourself and don’t let yourself do you feel every day when you wake upend drop the day you view .