The files for caffemodel files were size zero in $MYHOME/jetson-inference/build/aarch64/bin/networks on Jetson TX-2

Dear all,
I followed “twodaysademo” setup, and I found blvc_alexnet.caffemodel and blvc_googlenet.caffemodelin $MYHOME/jetson-inference/build/aarch64/bin/networks on Jetson TX2.
However, tow files are size 0; so, I’m getting error message to run "./image-console orange_0.jpg output_0.jpg like below because of the files’ size are zero.

Could you anyone please help me?

[GIE] faile to build CUDA engine
failed to load networks/blvc_alexnet.caffemodel
failed to load networks/blvc_googlenet.caffemodel
imageNet – failed to initialize
imageNet-consle: failed to initialize imageNet

Additional comment:
Even googlenet.prototxt and alexnet.prototxt also are size 0 in the same directory.


You GooleNet model may be broken for some reason.
Could you delete it and re-download again?


Thanks the answer.
Because of some reasons, my machine counldn’t connect “”, so there were SSL connection error while executing cmake.
I think it should be OK after fixing the connection issue.
Thank you.