The GRID workspace can not find opengl32.dll

Environment: Geforce GT 460, Windows 7 64bit. Detailed info can be found here:

Problem: When trying to launch GRID workspace, I was always told “The program can’t start because OPENGL32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reindtalling the program to fix this problem.”

But I have successfully installed the latest driver (version 335.23) for GT460 and file opengl32.dll does exist in C:\Windows\system32. What’s the matter?

Here is a hint: originally, the version of OpenGL is only 1.1, so I compiled mesa OpenGL ( and copy the outcome opengl32.dll to C:\Windows\system32. Viewing in a tool called “OpenGL Extensions viewer 4.1.7”(, the version of OpenGL increased but is only 2.1. However, nVidia claims that the driver supports the latest OpenGL version 4.4 ( It seems that the installation of the newest driver doesn’t touch the existing OpenGL in the system. Maybe the problem can be solved by forcibly letting the driver upgrade and enable the OpenGL 4.4 functionality. But how?

PS: If you have a binary opengl32.dll for win7 64bit and GT460, could you please upload it to a online dropbox and tell me the link?

Thank you.