how can i get the opengl 2.0

i ve got a 8800GTS, and i have installed the lastest drive for cuda from, and than installed cuda_toolkit and cudaSDK, but any example of cuda cannot be shown, which reports some gl_extension not be found.
it is verified my opengl version is very old, about opengl 1.1, how can i get the new one: 2.0, exactly, how can i get the lasted opengl32.dll glu32.dll gle32.dll

If I remeber correctly (memory reaaaally bad…), the CUDA driver replaces the Nvidia display driver. So it should contain all display-related stuff you would ever need (including latest OpenGL support). If I’m wrong, you could try installing the latest Nvidia display driver for 8800 series. The OpenGL distribution that comes with Windows/Visual Studio is 1.1.

well, i have tried installed lasted driver for 8800, and before that, i have deleted all the opengl32.dll,glu32.dll,glew32.dll in /system32, but after driver installed, no related dlls are put in system32/, nothing involving opengl is installed… so strange

anyway, can someone do the favour send me the latest opengl32/glut32/glew32.dll ;)

You should install the display driver (162.01) that was qualified for use with CUDA.