The latest UFM version is 4.0? do we have plan for next release?

We have one product want do integration with UFM, Could we know the latest UFM version?

Do we have plan for the next release? or we always keep the latest version.

I have some SDK document of 3.7, could we get the 4.0’s SDK document of UFM?

The latest GA version for UFM is 4.9.0. You can get docs downloaded from - if you don’t have account - follow link “Request login” on that page.

Many thanks.

#1. When 4.9.0 will be released? the latest version is 4.8 in below link.

we get the Release Notes ,Quick Start Guide and User Manual here.

#2. Our PCM(do integration with LSF) product call UFM commands to create IB partition, and need to use ADV_SDK_Documentation, could you help provide the link or sent it to my mail: ? Many thanks

Now I have UFM3.7_ADV_SDK_Documentation , it include:

UFM_3.7_SDK_ Manual_IB_DOC-01009-A03.pdf




Now we need to verify the latest version . e.g. 4.9


UFM 4.9.0 is already out. usually customers can get it with their dedicated credentials from this link :

Documentation including SDK is there as well.You should get your username and password from the Reseller / Mellanox Support