The possibility of rdma communication between windows and linux and the ibping tests error

It’s my first time trying to set up a RDMA(RoCEv2 mainly) test environment with ConnectX-5 Cards.
I now have several questions about how to use and config the cards.Questions are listed following.

  1. Is RDMA communication available between Windows using Network Direct and Linux using rdma-core(InfiniBand verbs.)?
    I made some research in early 2023 finding that communication between windows and linux is possible, mainly according to :
  1. I have 1 connectx-5 EN card (MCX512A-ACAT)inserted in my pc and i have installed the driver NVIDIA MLNX_OFED 23.07 on ubuntu 22.04.
    When trying to make ibping test, i failed to run the ibping test because fail to open port and the ibdiagnet command found an error saying “Failed to initialize - Failed to set port of ibis object, err=No viable ports found in the system”.
    I wonder why the error occurred?Maybe the reason is that my card supports ethernet only?