The possibility of rdma communication between windows and linux and the ibping tests error

It’s my first time trying to set up a RDMA(RoCEv2 mainly) test environment with ConnectX-5 Cards.
I now have several questions about how to use and config the cards.Questions are listed following.

  1. Is RDMA communication available between Windows using Network Direct and Linux using rdma-core(InfiniBand verbs.)?
    I made some research in early 2023 finding that communication between windows and linux is possible, mainly according to :
  1. I have 1 connectx-5 EN card (MCX512A-ACAT)inserted in my pc and i have installed the driver NVIDIA MLNX_OFED 23.07 on ubuntu 22.04.
    When trying to make ibping test, i failed to run the ibping test because fail to open port and the ibdiagnet command found an error saying “Failed to initialize - Failed to set port of ibis object, err=No viable ports found in the system”.
    I wonder why the error occurred?Maybe the reason is that my card supports ethernet only?


  1. Is it possible to run RDMA between Linux and Windows only when both sides are set to Ethernet (not Infiniband). And then you can use the nd_rping as written in the following community:
    RDMA/RoCE traffic between Linux and Windows

  2. ibping is not working on Eth/RoCE. The tool used for IB only. Same for ibdiagnet or any other tool which is part of the IB utils package.

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Hi @vikiz ,
I noticed that the built-in nd_rping.exe (installed by WinOF-2) in Windows and rping in Linux could communicate with each other, but the github microsoft/NetworkDirect provided nd_rping.exe couldn’t communicate with rping in Linux. Where can I find the source code for nd_rping.exe provided with WinOF-2 driver?