Where to find the nd_rping source code shipped with WinOF-2 driver

I am trying to make RDMA communication between Windows and Linux with ConnectX-6 Ex adapter, and I could make it work with the nd_rping shipped by WinOF-2 driver and rping in Linux. But I couldn’t make it work with the nd_rping in github microsoft/NetworkDirect. The page “Fabric Performance Utilities - NVIDIA Docs” mentioned that “To build the nd_rping.exe from scratch, use the SDK example: choose the machine’s OS in the configuration manager of the solution, and build the nd_rping.exe”, so where’s the SDK example I could download to check the source code of nd_rping?

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There is no SDK bundled with WinOF2. Best source would be → NetworkDirect/src/examples/ndrping at master · microsoft/NetworkDirect · GitHub

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