The precision of the ORIN RTC clock is inaccurate

HI NV Experts :
ORIN runs the test for 24 hours, and we found that the clock was advanced by nearly 3 minutes. May I ask what is the clock accuracy of our product .

How to reproduce the problem?


The test method is as follows:

RTC battery is fully charged, power on for 3 minutes, power off for 20 seconds, repeat the action, test for 24 hours, and then read the ORIN system time, compared with the current time, the difference is 3 minutes.

What is the accuracy of the built-in RTC


The accuracy is <10s per day. Did you test keeping power on for a whole day and check the time?

Shouldn’t we be testing it out of power

What do you mean? Can you do that with DC power supply?

I mean that shouldn’t the RTC clock accuracy be tested with the power off;

Okay, I’ll test it with DC power supply like you said.

The system is powered on continuously and runs for 4 hours. The time accuracy of RTC is less than 1S. After standing for 12 hours without power, the result is about4 seconds faster than Beijing time.

Do you remove DC power 12 hours to observe 4s faster?
How about power off without DC in remove?

We use lithium batteries on the board to power the RTC.

I know you have battery on the board but I still want to confirm the DC-IN present case.


Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

This problem has been solved, thanks

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