The SPS generated by the encoder are problematic

I use the tegra_tx1 development board. When I try to run camera_recording in tegra_multimedia_api,I find the SPS and PPS data in output.h264 is incomplete. It do not have fps. I am sure that I have called the setFrameRate interface and I want to set the fps is 30,but it does not work.

Please refer to --insert-vui in 01_video_encode

Thank you very much .I have compared with 01_video_encode and I tried it in that way .But the result was the same.So,Can you have any demo that can use camera to record video and the video’s SPS and PPS are right,especially include FPS in SPS.thank you.

Please add below line to 10_camera_recording:


and you will see below information:

@75    VUI: timing_info_present_flag                                 1 (  1) 
@76    VUI: num_units_in_tick                          00000000000000000000001111101000 (1000) 
@108   VUI: time_scale                                 00000000000000001110101001100000 (60000)

Thank you very much.But I am sorry that I didn’t find the “setInsertVuiEnabled” interface in NvVideoEncoder.h.I think we may use different documents.

I do see it in the header file you attached…

int setInsertVuiEnabled(bool enabled);

Please check carefully before asking.

Thank you very much, I have got it.TThis problem has been bothering me for a long time and has finally been solved today.I am so happy,and I wish you a happy life and a smooth work.

Hello, this problem has been solved in version 2.8, but it still exists in version 2.4.And there is no such interface in version 2.4.

Please use r28.* BSP release

However, many of our equipment USES 2.4, which is not convenient to replace to 2.8 for the time being. Could tx1 in 2.4 solve this problem?And Can you tell me how do I use r28.*BSP?Thank you very much.

Please install BSP via Jetpack 3.2 or 3.2.1