The TX2 chip is used, and the ping IP address cannot be pinged all the time

We use a board developed by ourselves, and the network port is directly connected to TX2. The following are the schematic diagrams of some network port connections and the result of pinging the IP address. In addition, we use this TX2 chip that is not always able to ping the IP and put it on other boards (developed by ourselves), but it will also fail to ping. , After changing a TX2, the two boards can be pinged through all the time. Can you help me analyze the reason? Thank you


260056-syslog (6.4 MB)

Can it repro on devkit? If not, the TX2 module should be no problem. Then the unstable issue might be caused by the components or layout routing and etc.

Yes, this situation will also occur on the TX2 devkit.

If so, you can run RMA for this module. Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer