Thermal pads leaked on nVidia Tesla P40


I hope you can help me, as I have reviewed a large number of websites but have not found the information I need. The thing is, I like your company’s products, especially how you approach the adaptation of your software to hardware. That’s why I chose the nVidia Tesla P40 accelerator for my project. However, the problem is that I placed an order in China and received the product in poor condition. My accelerator arrived in Germany with leaking thermal pads. My question is simple: what thickness (in millimeters) and dimensions of thermal pads should I use on memory chips and other components for my nVidia Tesla P40? Different video accelerators have different specifications, and I don’t want unnecessary experimentation. I would like to receive a competent answer from you, as I have already spent a lot of time searching, and even ChatGPT did not know the answer to this question and also advised me to contact the manufacturer’s support.

P.S. As I wrote the text above, I remembered another moment. When I removed the GPU accelerator’s backplate, I noticed a full-fledged NVLink connection. However, I couldn’t find information on this matter through a search.

Can two nVidia Tesla P40 accelerators work together through NVLink?

Thank you in advance.