Thermal sensor shown in JTOP

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At now, I could not understand if “Thermal” parameter presents the temperature of neighbor environment of if it measures a specific zone of Nano SoC or expander.

I need to know the environment temperature around Jetson Nano and this “Thermal” parameters presents usually 25

ºC which seems to be the environment temperature. is it or it’s just a coincidence?

Image as a example:

Are you asking the “thermal” which is 31.25 in your picture?

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That is the weighted value from CPU and GPU temperature. That is why it is 31.25C.

So. the “thermal” value is calculated like this:

thermal(ºC) = [CPU(ºC) + GPU(ºC)] / 2
      31.25 = [  32.50 +   30.00] / 2
      31.25 = 31.25  [✔]

(according to the data in the above figure)

Thanks @WayneWWW

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