Thrust : LNK4098, need help


Currently im looking for some sorting algorithm to sort a couple of arrays (2k) containing 128 floats each. As I have seen, Thrust offers some sorting functions to do this. Sadly I get the error “warning LNK4098: defaultlib “LIBCMTD” conflicts with use of other libs…” ( I installed Thrust as it is proposed in the tutorial). As far as I know this is due to uncompatibility between Thrust and some std libs included in Visual Studio (C++ 2008 Express), but I dont know which of them I have to ignore by using the /NODEFAULTLIB compiler para, and how to do this from within VS and the CUDA VS Wizard. Maybe anyone can help me here.
Additionally, I am looking for a possibility to do those 2k sorts of overlapping arrays in parallel. Does Thrust offer something like the batch of CUFFT you can use to do this?

Hope you can point me somewhere.

This is probably the old issue with code generation in MSVC. You need to make sure that all your source code (including .cu files) is compiled against the same runtime.

As for your application, there was a recent thread on the Thrust mailing list on the topic of lots of little sorts in parallel [1].