thunderbolt external chassis


this is more of a hypothetical question:

assuming that there will be an external case for connecting pcie gpu cards with thunderbolt, can we program CUDA with that?



Dunno yet, and it seems drivers have to be included into MAC OS X to support Thunderbolt peripherals, so it won’t work with an nVidia-based PC videocard, but only on those sold by Apple for their Mac Pro line: the funny GT120 @ 149$ (rebranded 8600 GT at the price of 4X faster Fermi GPU!), or the expensive Quadro 4000 and 4800 (1199.95$ and 1799.95$ respectively). You will have to add the price of the external chassis, probably around $300, so it will be approx. $450 for GT120 and $2000 for Quadro FX 4800 (that is slower than an used GTX 260!).

If you don’t need processing power but just nVidia GPU, buy yourself an used Mac Mini with 320M or an used MacBook with 320M.
If you need processing power, you will be left in the dust, except if you go the hackintosh way, that is the only possibility I know to have good CUDA device for a correct price on Mac OS X platform :(

seems that we can forget CUDA on mac.

both solutions, the cheap and the expensive, are no option.

With the 2011 Mac equipped exclusively with ATI Radeon or Intel HD3000 graphics, and no renewal of nVidia consumer-grade GPU since the underpowered obsolete GT 120 of Mac Pro, Mac is no more a good CUDA platform, sadly.
For myself, I prefer to develop on Mac OS X platform, so I use a Quad-Core PC with a GTX 260 :(

It’s now four years later: has this status quo changed? I just got a MacPro workstation and would like to do CUDA development on it. I’m considering dropping an Nvidia GPU into an external PCIe chassis to do some image processing, but based on the contents of this thread it sounds like this might not be a viable option. I’m hoping that the technology has since advanced enough that this is not the case.