Titan V white paper and int8 tops


What’s the int8 TOPS of titanV? Is it 55 TOPS?
Do you know where I can download the white paper of Titan V?

Thanks very much

I’m not aware of a TitanV whitepaper published by NVIDIA.

The peak theoretical int8 TOPs of TitanV should be four times the peak theoretical FP32 rate. This is true for most GPUs that have int8 support, excepting TensorCore usage on compute capability 7.5 (Turing).

Anandtech states “(INT8) 55.2 TOPS” for the Titan V:


I cannot find that number confirmed anywhere on NVIDIA’s website. I don’t see a Titan V whitepaper on the NVIDIA site either, just a “NVIDIA TESLA V100 GPU ARCHITECTURE” whitepaper, which says:


So at least the number is plausible.