Titan X and nvidia-smi

With my new shiny Titan X arriving today, I wanted to straight away getting some timings out of it so I put it into the dev product box, updated the drivers to 346.47 (Linux 64-bit) and ran nvidia-smi. It is returning its name as ‘Graphics Device’ rather than anything useful. Inside my software I check the card type to use some optimised code for the different architectures, but can’t really do that if there is no name to work off!

I was expecting it to come up with something along the lines of ‘GeForce GTX TITAN X’.

Has anyone else had this problem?

346.47 doesn’t support TITAN X fully.

You might want to try 349.12 beta driver.


Update: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/83513/en-us says it doesn’t support TITAN X, so yeah, ignore the above.

You’ll just have to wait for an updated driver that properly ids the TITAN X I guess.

Hmm, ok thanks. I will give that a try. Bit surprising there are only beta drivers available to fully utilise the new ‘flagship’.

Don’t bother with the 349.12 beta driver, it doesn’t support the TITAN X according to the driver page and the release notes. You’ll have to wait for either an updated 346.xx driver or 349.xx beta/release driver.

Thats a bit disappointing, but thanks for the responses NVD.


“With the 346.47 driver, the TITAN X was simply shown as being a “Graphics Device” rather than the correct product string. This difference was simply due to the 346.47 driver shipping before the TITAN X launch. This week NVIDIA did release the 349.12 Linux driver beta and it does correctly identify the graphics card.”

Phoronix says 349.12 beta supports the TITAN X and correctly identifies the card, give it a try I guess.