Unable to install CUDA for TITAN X on windows 7 64bit with error "not find compatible graphics


I’ve recently built a PC with i7-4790K, ASUS Maximus VII Hero, and, relevantly, a TITAN X. I have installed the driver 350.12. However, I am running into problems when trying to install CUDA 7.0 or 6.5 on windows 7 sp1 64bit. The installer gives the below warning:

“This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware. You may continue installation, but you will not be able to run CUDA applications.”

Has anyone run into the same problem? Has anyone successfully installed CUDA 7/6.5 on windows 7 64 for a TITAN X? I’ve contacted NVIDIA support and tried disabling the integrated graphics card to no avail.

Many thanks!

That is expected behavior. The driver bundled with either CUDA 7 or CUDA 6.5 is not compatible with your Titan X.

There is an option when installing CUDA to skip the driver installation. You should (de-)select that option and retain your current driver. Beyond that, CUDA should work correctly. CUDA 7 is recommended of course.

Thanks! This is a good point and I can’t believe that it’s been overlooked by me until being pointed out. I do think Nvidia should/could’ve documented it on the CUDA download page or release note though…

I’ve tried ignoring the warning and going ahead with the installation. I didn’t actually de-select “Graphics Driver”, as doing so would uncheck “GPU Deployment Kit”, which I assume is important. So I left both selected and when it finished the summary said the GPU Deployment Kit was installed, but not the driver.

deviceQuery and nvidia-smi return proper info and my application is running. Again, thanks!

You mean, though the driver bundled with either CUDA 7 is not compatible with titan X

the old driver can get maximum performance of Titan X ?

and What is plan to release Driver for Titan X

The driver(s) for Titan X are already available.

The latest windows driver is here:


The latest linux driver is here:


You can find drivers by going to www.nvidia.com and clicking on “DRIVERS”