CUDA 7: Required for Titan X, and no ARM support?

After reading compatibility posts on the forums, it seems likely that the Titan X will require CUDA 7 production release, and won’t work with any ‘previously released’ CUDA versions, like 6.5 built for GTX 9XX. Is that true?

Separately, On the CUDA 7 install page (, I don’t see an installer for ARM, and the Jetson TK1, which has an ARM processor, is officially not supported. The release notes mention ARM only when talking about the samples and to differentiate ARMVv7 32-bit from x86 32-bit, which makes me think those are copy-paste errors.

Does that mean ARM is not supported in CUDA 7? If so, does that mean ARM will/may no longer be supported in future releases?

And finally, just to connect the dots, IF CUDA 7 is required for the Titan X, and CUDA 7 does not support ARM, it follows that the Titan X is not compatible with ARM. Is that true?


I have a Titan X working just fine with CUDA 6.5 Windows 7 64. Did need to update the graphics driver, but not CUDA.

Great, thanks! I had seen that the other post-6.5 card, the GTX960, was not working unless CUDA was upgraded to production 7.0, and wanted to confirm.

Anyone know about ARM support in 7.0? Is this the wrong forum for this question?