CUDA 10.2.107 on Arm

I just stumbled upon the CUDA on Arm web page at which has a technology preview of CUDA 10.2.107 for Arm systems.

Does that version of CUDA support the Xavier platform ?

Did anyone try to install it and use it ?

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Hi Andrea, this is not the version of CUDA for JetPack and the Jetson platforms, rather it would be used on ARM-based systems with PCIe discrete GPU cards (e.g. servers). Jetson uses a special user-space driver for it’s integrated GPU. Further, the CUDA driver in JetPack has dependencies on the L4T kernel version, so CUDA can’t be upgraded independently of the JetPack-L4T version.

Hi Dusty,
thank you very much for the explanation.

Do you know if these drivers would support using a (low power) discrete GPU installed in the PCIe slot of the Xavier ?

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I don’t believe they would, as they would be incompatible with the current driver infrastructure on the board.

Understood, thanks for the clarification.

Did anyone try to install and use CUDA 10.2.107 on arm server platform? or how can we get the version since I didn’t download it by

This worked for me to download it:

Even if you able to download it, I don’t believe that version won’t work on Jetson, since ARM for Server is meant for discrete GPU over PCIe, whereas Jetson uses integrated GPU. The CUDA version in JetPack has underlying dependencies on the L4T version, so it can’t be independently updated. The next release of JetPack will upgrade the CUDA toolkit, so please stay tuned.

Thank you,I can download the deb file now! I want to test it on the normal armv8 server platform not jetson