Title: NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 6.0 is now available

This release extends support to the latest Turing GPUs, including graphics debugging with ray tracing support and enhanced compute debugging and profiling with CUDA 10.0 support.

Here are the highlights from this release:

Graphics Debugging

  • Support for the latest Turing GPUs for the GPU Frame Debugger, Performance Dashboard, and Range Profiler
  • Microsoft DXR support
    • C++ Capture Support for DXR applications
    • DXR Debugging enables the next generation of real-time rendering technology.
    • Scrub your RT scene and see render-target revisions.
    • Reduce the complexity of development by visualizing shaders and key inputs.
  • Vulkan Raytracing debugging support for VK_NVX_raytracing
    • Capture frames that use Vulkan raytracing
    • Inspect the raytracing shader bind table
  • User-Configurable Memory Viewer
    • Applies an automatic structure to resources when context is available
    • Allows for full customization of structured user types
    • Allows for customization of the columns displayed
    • Built-in help to explain how to use the view.
  • Custom Texture Visualization in the Resources View
    • Edit the default shader used to display textures
    • Change the data display or highlight useful characteristics of the data
  • Improvements
    • Pixel History expanded to D3D12
    • Full support for RS4 D3D12 SDK
    • Includes several bug fixes and application compatibility fixes

Compute Debugging and Analysis

  • Support for CUDA 10.0
  • Support for the latest Turing GPUs
  • Win10 RS4 now supported, Win10 RS5 ready
  • Next-Gen Profiler
    • Multiple baselines are now supported for profiling run comparisons
    • CUDA 10.0 Task Graph support
    • PC Sampling now available
    • New profiling metrics available to analyze and improve throughput
    • New profiling rules available help spot suspicious patterns and recommend best practices
    • Improvements to it cusomizable reports.
  • Next-Gen Debugger
    • WDDM2 Debugging now supported in addition to TCC mode debugging
    • PTX and PTX+SASS source code correlation now available
    • Improved expression, register, and conditional breakpoint supportGraphics Debugging

For a complete overview of all Nsightâ„¢ Visual Studio Edition features and access to resources, please visit the
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