TK1 flashes successfully but won't show output and can't ssh

I just got a new TK1 and am trying to set it up. I flashed it from my desktop according to the instructions here: and got this output, which seems successful: However, when I plug the Jetson into a TV via HDMI it doesn’t show up as a source, and when I plug it into the same router as my desktop, I can’t ping tegra-ubuntu or tegra-ubuntu.local. My desktop is using Ubuntu 17.10, so I can’t install Jetpack, but the flash seems successful. The power LED does come on, and my mouse and keyboard light up when I plug them in, so I think it’s working, but I can’t do anything without a display or remote terminal. Do I need to flash from 16.04? Is there some step I’m missing?

The flash was successful, and I’d say probably the system is working…but video is not configuring for the TV.

If you have a serial cable for the 9-pin D-Sub connector you should be able to see what is going on with a serial console program. Many people don’t have this, but if you get a chance order one (usually people get a USB to 9-pin D-Sub connector cable, e.g, has them).

Meanwhile, networking may actually function. What you are describing is a DNS issue. DNS does a name to dotted-decimal IP address lookup. In reality everything on a network is looked up with a dotted-decimal format such as “”. When using a name, such as tegra-ubuntu or, there will be a DNS service looking up the address and converting it to a dotted-decimal before the actual connection goes out. With public addresses (such as this is standardized and comes from a public DNS server. With “tegra-ubuntu” this has to be custom edited in the router or the PC doing the access (either manually or via router options). I suspect the address is getting assigned, but tegra-ubuntu is not getting associated with it on your router.

Did you flash on command line, or did you use JetPack? Command line does not do any kind of DNS setup, JetPack might have. Did you use a router appliance (it sounds like you did), or did you use the PC as a router (perhaps the Jetson plugged into the PC and the PC is using the router)?

Whether host is router or whether a router appliance is used you should be able to see logs from this and verify the DHCP request arrived, and that an address was assigned. You should be able to ssh or ping that dotted-decimal address. This would give you full access to see the logs (a serial console actually gives even more access because it lets you see everything right from the boot loader stage…ssh only shows up after network is up, and logs only show up after Linux starts loading).

I tried using arp -a to find the Jetson, but it didn’t show up. The issue was solved by using a friend’s laptop, on 16.04, to flash. Thanks for the reply!