"too few arguments in function call" error by 64 b

I tried to build 64 bits of my cuda fortran program using PGI VF 11.4 and it gives “too few arguments in function call” error, but my 32-bits version works fine.
I searched the release notes and this problem should have been fixed. I don’t know why it still exist.

I checked the device functions I called in the program, they do have many arguments, but somehow the compiler only can recognize the first four.

Any one has the same problem as me? Many thanks for comments or suggestions!

Hi LukeStar,

Are you using Complex division? We did have a bug on Win64 where the compilers was failing to add the last argument to our device routine that handle’s complex divides. This error was fixed in the 11.5 release.

If you are not using Complex division then there is a good possibility this is a separate but similar issue. Can you please try installing 11.5 and see if it fixes your error and if not, please send a reproducible example to PGI Customer Service (trs@pgroup.com)?


Thanks Mat!
I’ll try to install 11.5 and will let you know the status!

Version 11.5 fixed this problem!

Thank you very much