Top and htop memory usage different to jtop

I have read that TOP will report higher memory usage than HTOP. However, why is JTOP showing such a drastically different memory usage vs TOP and HTOP?

Im using a production jetson nx with 4.6.

See attached image.

You may try these :

sudo tegrastats
# You can stop this with Ctrl-C after 2 seconds

free -m

cat /proc/meminfo

Also note that with recent L4T versions, part of RAM may be reserved for ZRAM swap:

sudo systemctl status nvzramconfig.service

I don’t know if this will explain it, but it is worth understanding these points:

  • Some apps report in “GiB” (multiples of 1024), and other apps report in “GB” (multiples of 1000).
  • There are different classifications of RAM, and some apps may aggregate together different classifications from the other. What @Honey_Patouceul mentions with “/proc/meminfo” is probably the authoritative version. To see a good overview of how there are different classes of RAM usage in a single “interesting” view check out “xosview” (“sudo apt-get install xosview”). Note the different colors for:
    • USR
    • BUFF
    • SLAB
    • CACHE
    • FREE
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