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I have 2 Jetson NX. Both only in text mode, so no GUI. Both have JP 5.0.2 and up to date.

One is NX8 with default baseboard and with NVME disk onboard.

Another is NX16 and A205 baseboard (it has connected USB disk but when measuring cpu usage, disk was idle), connected 4 IMX477 cameras.

A205, when idle uses about 25% of CPU. Any ideas why?

You could use top or htop (I prefer this…“sudo apt-get install htop”) and see what the top consumers are. Note that things like scheduling and network responses consume a little bit of CPU. htop could give you a better idea of the top consumers, but the applications which measure load also create some load.

thnx. it seems to me that jtop is the problem.

i think we can close this topic.

Hi @raul.orav

yes, right now, jtop use more CPU power top says usage is <1%, I start jtop and then usage is at 100%... · Issue #82 · rbonghi/jetson_stats · GitHub
The latest 4.2 reduce the CPU load, but nothing is tangible right now; the next version will take more care of this optimization.

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