CPU Percentage Always High in Jetson Xavier NX


I find that even when the Jetson Xavier NX is in idle mode (that is, no algorithm is running on it), the CPU usage (or, in other words, CPU percentage) is still around 40%.

My questions are:

  • Is it normal/reasonable to have such a high CPU usage/percentage even during idle mode in Jetson Xavier NX boards?
  • Is there any way around to stop Jetson Xavier NX from using resources too much?

Feedback would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

It all depends. You can use a program like top or htop (top is there by default, I prefer htop, which is installed via “sudo apt-get install htop”, but top has an option making it plain text you can redirect to a file) to see what the top consumers of CPU are. A good command which can log useful information to a file:
ps ax -mo pid,tid=THREAD_ID,%cpu,%mem,psr=CORE,ucmd -w -w | tee log_ps.txt

See what shows up with significant CPU use.

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Hi @linuxdev,

Thanks a lot for your answer. The command you shared did help me in figuring out what exactly was the reason behind such a high utilization of the CPU.