CPUs are turning OFF in max power mode


I had an issue with CPUs during the process, they are turning OFF even though I set power mode to max and manually set them online

Xavier NX does not have the MAX-N power mode like the AGX.

When you have a closer look in NVP mode 0 (15W 2CORE) there are only two CPU cores active but they are running with clock rate 1.9GHz while in the other modes with more active cores the clock rate is lower (1.2 up to 1.5 GHz).

Hi @dkreutz,

Thank you for explanation. Would you suggest what should I do for setting online the other CPUs, because Nx is completely freezing when running the process obviously because of the lack of CPUs.


It looks like you are using jtop - press „5“ then „+“ and „-“ to switch between the different NVM modes, if I remember correctly mode 3 enables all 6 Cpu cores

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