Why are 4 cores in Jetson AGX Xavier offline? Is there a way to enable all 8?

title says it all…

@pratik.gangwani I have the same question

On my system I see the cores getting killed during boot up in dmesg. What can be the cause?

nvm i solved my own problem…

Change the online state of a CPU by issuing a command of this form:

chcpu -e|-d


is the number of the logical CPU.
sets an offline CPU online. Only CPUs that are in the configuration state configured can be set online. For Linux on z/VM, all CPUs are in the configured state.
sets an online CPU offline.
Alternatively, you can write 1 to the online sysfs attribute of a CPU to set it online, or 0 to set it offline.


Of interest: The application which provides different energy use models is “nvpmodel”. The two Denver cores normally don’t run, but you can enable those cores and set up the DVFS tables to allow maximum clock rate via:

sudo nvpmodel -m 0

The “~nvidia/jetson_clocks.sh” or “~ubuntu/jetson_clocks.sh” script can actually max out clocks (if you max out clocks when the model isn’t maxed, then the max won’t really be max…it’ll just be max for those DVFS tables).

Thanks guys, resolved my issue as well.

Same here! thank you!

@linuxdev Good call. Here’s a handy guide I found for that. nvmpmodel is probably the better way to do this since it increases the power limit along with unlocking cores. Using 8 cores at the base of 15W doesn’t really seem ideal.